The Diablo franchise isn't typically known for its storytelling, but there is some cool lore behind all of the demon-slaying action. And with Diablo 4 just a few weeks away from its full release on the 6th June, Blizzard is on hand to explain just what the hell's going on in its latest dark fantasy adventure.

Set roughly 50 years after the events of Diablo 3's Reaper of Souls expansion, the world of Sanctuary is going through some pretty rough times in Diablo 4. Around half of mankind was wiped out in the previous game, and it's fair to say that the survivors have struggled to deal with the unprecedented destruction.

Fortunately, Sanctuary's creators — the demon Lilith and angel Inarius — have returned to try and set things right. The only problem is that they're basically going to turn what's left of the world into an almighty battlefield — and that's where your own character enters the equation. You can get the full lore dump in Diablo 4's latest trailer, which we've embedded above.

Do you enjoy the story and lore of the Diablo series, or are you too busy just smashing skulls with big swords? Cleave your way through humanity's mess in the comments section below.

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