Transformers Beyond Reality PS5 PSVR2 Meta 4

Ever wanted to fight alongside Optimus Prime et al? Well now you have the chance, courtesy of Transformers Beyond Reality for PSVR2. Putting in a surprise appearance on the PS Store today, the arcade-inspired first-person shooter has been heavily upgraded for Sony’s cutting-edge tech, making the experience more immersive than ever before.

Of the upgrades, you can expect improved visual fidelity at a robust 70 frames-per-second, without any stutters or dips. The developer has also gone in and optimised many of the moments in the campaign, either increasing the interactivity or taking care to better frame the action for PSVR2’s wider field of view.

But perhaps most importantly of all, developer Meta4 Interaction has painstakingly incorporated haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. This, according to the team, actually improves gameplay: for example, in the original, the direction of incoming gunfire was indicated using red flashes on the screen – but now it’s using the headset’s built-in rumble to communicate potential danger.

The game’s out now on PS5, where it’ll set you back £19.99/$24.99. Will you be rolling out your PSVR2 headset to battle alongside the Autobots? Transform in the comments section below.