Today, Bandai Namco and LEGO have revealed a special Pac-Man Arcade set, and it looks fantastic. In celebration of the iconic character's 43rd(!) anniversary, the companies have joined forces to render the classic coin-op game in LEGO bricks, with some really neat mechanical gimmicks.

You can get an idea of what it's like in this video:

With this set, you build a Pac-Man arcade machine, featuring the character himself along with two of his ghostly opponents on the top. Additionally, a crank on the side of the machine allows you to recreate the action of the game, as the characters chase each other around the maze. The cabinet doesn't play the actual game, but it's cool that it's still a somewhat interactive LEGO set.

Of course, with a set as nice as this one, it comes with a pretty premium price tag. This can be yours for an eye-watering $269.99 / £229.99, with pre-orders open now and a 4th June release date. Again, for fans of Bamco's classic arcade game, it's a delight, but it comes at a pretty high cost.

What do you think of Pac-Man's LEGO arcade cabinet? Will you be turning out your wallet for this one? Tell us in the comments section below.

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