Ghost of Tsushima Shinji Mikami

Ghost of Tsushima was a bit of a hit with Japanese developers back when it released in 2020. Most notably, former Yakuza / Like a Dragon director Toshihiro Nagoshi was blown away by Sucker Punch's open world epic, while Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida said it was the most impressive game he played that year.

And now, legendary ex-Capcom developer Shinji Mikami has praised the adventures of Jin Sakai. "It's been quite a while since it was released, but I completed Ghost of Tsushima," Mikami writes on Twitter. "It was a lot of fun, the last part was great."

Okay, so it's not quite the same level of praise as previous examples, but it's still cool to know that the man who helped craft some of the most iconic titles in gaming history enjoyed Ghost of Tsushima.

All of this is obviously a talking point because Ghost of Tsushima's developer, Sucker Punch, is headquartered in the US. The game itself is based on the Mongol's attempted invasions of Japan, which took place in the 1200s.

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