Final Fantasy XVI Ghost of Tsushima Yoshida

Final Fantasy XVI producer and Final Fantasy XIV Online saviour Naoki Yoshida recently gushed about Ghost of Tsushima in an interview with Japanese publication 4Gamer (as translated by Audrey on Twitter).

When asked about what he thought was the most impressive game of 2020, Yoshida heaped praise on the PlayStation 4 exclusive. "It's overflowing with love for Akira Kurosawa's work," he said. "I learned a lot from this game. It impressed me on so many levels!"

This isn't the first time that a prominent figure in the Japanese games industry has raved about Sucker Punch's samurai epic. Following the open world title's launch last year, father of the Yakuza franchise Toshihiro Nagoshi also expressed his admiration for Ghost of Tsushima.

Given that Final Fantasy XVI is still in development, it'll be interesting to see whether the finished release takes any inspiration from Sony's open worlder. Oh, and if you're looking forward to hearing more about Final Fantasy XVI itself, don't worry. In the same interview, Yoshida reiterates that new information is heading our way this year.

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