A Plague Tale Requiem PS5

Asobo Studio has today deployed a surprise PS5 patch for A Plague Tale: Requiem that updates the title with a new 60 frames-per-second Performance Mode. It's available to download now, and updates the game to version 1.005.000.

When we reviewed the game at launch last year, the choppy frame rate was one of the few flaws we identified in the otherwise fantastic narrative experience. "It's really difficult to work out what frame rate the game is even targeting," we said. "A choppy frame rate and significant drops during action-heavy scenes are common, and without any graphical options to speak of, there's no escaping them." Of course, with the introduction of a 60fps mode, you now have the ability to tweak performance. With what is now hopefully a smooth frame rate, A Plague Tale: Requiem earns its 8/10 rating even more.

In addition, the game is actually part of today's new PS Store sale, which drops the price to £32.49/$38.99. If you want to try it before you buy, though, then there's also a two-hour Time Limited Trial available via PS Plus Premium.

Will you try A Plague Tale: Requiem out at 60fps? Avoid the rats in the comments below.

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