It should be no surprise that Dead Island 2 will be a gory game. After all, its central gameplay loop revolves around bludgeoning brain-dead zombies to bits and cutting them into tiny pieces. However, the developers at Dambuster Studios appear to have taken things to another level with a proprietary engine tool known as the FLESH System that allows for procedurally generated battle damage like nothing you've seen before.

In a video interview with Game Informer, we get to see the system in action, which presents an unprecedented level of violent detail. Depending on where you strike a zombie and what you strike them with determines how much damage is done to their body. Repeated sword strikes, for example, will cut through skin, then muscle, before finally reaching the bone, all of which are impressively modelled in-game and generated on the fly.

What do you think of the FLESH System? Is there a limit to how detailed you want your violence to be in a game? Cut your way through to the heart of the matter in the comments section below.