The Outer Worlds PS5 Patch Performance

Just over a month ago, on the 7th March, The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition brought Obsidian Entertainment's quirky RPG to PS5. The upgraded sci-fi adventure promised loads of visual improvements and better technical performance overall. Unfortunately, only one of those promises was actually realised; the game certainly looked prettier on PS5, with its enhanced lightning and vibrant colours, but it suffered from some frankly inexcusable frame rate drops and hitches.

Here we are two patches later, and The Outer Worlds is still a mess on PS5. Despite the most recent update — which released earlier today at the time of writing — boasting "frame rate improvements", we honestly can't see much of a difference. A quick test run through the game's opening hours reveals that the frame rate is still incapable of maintaining 60 or even 30 frames-per-second, depending on your chosen graphics mode.

The aforementioned hitches haven't been fixed, either. As if a constantly fluctuating frame rate isn't bad enough, the game routinely 'hangs' at seemingly random intervals, potentially eating your inputs. It's simply not good enough, and we're starting to wonder just how borked this supposedly enhanced version of The Outer Worlds actually is. At this point, all we can do is hope that further patches actually do something.

It's worth reiterating that Spacer's Choice Edition is not a free upgrade if you own The Outer Worlds on PS4; the PS5 version requires an upgrade fee. You also need to own the base game and its two expansions to take advantage of said upgrade path.

Have you been waiting for a fix before jumping into The Outer Worlds on PS5? Question whether we'll ever get one in the comments section below.

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