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Techland, the developer of both Dying Light and Dying Light 2 (which has a major update out today, coincidentally), wants to know what you would like to see in a protagonist for a potential Dying Light 3. But, like, also wants you to know that it is totally not announcing Dying Light 3, as well.

It's kind of sweet, actually, the video game developer equivalent of the card a crush might pass you back in grade school: "Do you like me? Yes/No/Maybe". Just with way more zombies, obviously.

Going from the replies alone, it seems like there is some appetite from fans for another game somewhere down the line (Techland has committed to supporting Dying Light 2 for five years total). We enjoyed Dying Light 2, which we thought was a good sequel mostly hurt by insane expectations.

Would you like to see a third game? Well, you're probably better off telling Techland but stop by the comments section on the way.

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