The neon streets of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk will likely look inviting to fans of cel-shaded counter-culture classic Jet Set Radio. The spiritual successor will grind its way onto Switch and PC on 18th August, with a PlayStation release date potentially coming a week later, but that last part remains slightly unclear.

Back in 2021, developer Team Reptile said that "other platforms follow about a week later", suggesting a period of Nintendo Switch exclusivity, but those other platforms have yet to be specified. As Gematsu suggests, it's likely safe to assume the other platforms are some combination of PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One (probably safe to rule Stadia out). We contacted Team Reptile for clarification, and they confirmed the game would be getting a release on PlayStation, but that they don't have an exact date yet.

What do you think of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk? What are your memories of Jet Set Radio? Reminisce in the comments section below.

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