Max Payne PS2 PlayStation

The world has gone on too long without Max Payne, with us last seeing the nihilistic former detective in Max Payne 3, released back in 2012. Developer Remedy announced last year that remakes of the iconic first two PS2 entries in the series would be built from the ground up.

In partnership with Rockstar Games, Remedy has been hard at work in the intervening months. CEO Tero Virtala revealed during the company's latest earnings call that the project (which will bundle both games together for PS5) is progressing well and has moved into the proof-of-concept stage.

"The development team has worked efficiently in proving the key elements of what Max Payne is all about and in bringing the game in high quality to today’s consoles and PCs. We expect the project to keep advancing well, and with that, the team size will expand gradually towards year-end, " says Virtala. Remedy aims to have this ambitious remake out by 2025 (with Alan Wake 2 on track for later in 2023).

The series gained a cult following after two releases on PS2, with the eponymous Max Payne launching in 2001 and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne shortly after, in 2003. While not for everyone, the titular character's habit of speaking in Laconic one-liners and the grim, neo-noir world in which he inhabits was incredibly striking at the time, and that's to say nothing of its truly epic Bullet Time gameplay mechanics.

Are you excited to revisit the wonderful world of Payne and see the character done justice? Remember that it's fear that lends men wings in the comments section below.