Here's an interesting one, depending on your level of industry geekery. Fantavision was originally a launch title on PS2, a quirky puzzle game all about fireworks. Developed by Japan Studio, it would test your colour-matching and symbol-recognition skills, launching in 2000 to a respectable 72 on Metacritic.

Japan Studio (now defunct), being first-party, meant that Sony Interactive Entertainment still held the IP rights to Fantasvision. Decades pass, and Sony licences it to Japanese developer Cosmo Machia, who promptly developed and recently released Fantavision 202X for PS5 and PSVR2 on 21st February ( gameplay above).

This remade reminder of a bygone age is coming to PC on 27th April, published by Cosmo Machia. It's quite a journey for a humble PS2 launch game, but perhaps not so surprising when we live in a world where Sony itself publishes games on PC. Do you remember the original PS2 release? Did you check out the remake? Light up the comments section below.