Fantavision 202X PS5 PSVR2 PlayStation 5 1

The PS2 would, of course, compile one of the greatest libraries in console history – but when it first launched, it was ridiculed for its slim selection of first-party games. One of the few titles published by Sony was Fantavision, a quaint fireworks-based puzzler which looked spectacular on the system, but lacked the kind of meat that prospective punters expected from a launch title for a next-gen platform. It would, however, go on to earn cult status – and is even purchasable from the PS Store today.

And over 20 years since its first release, it’s getting a PSVR2 sequel named Fantavision 202X, courtesy of Japanese developer Cosmo Machia Inc. Due out alongside Sony’s next-gen headset on 22nd February, the core gameplay concept will remain unchanged: catch similarly coloured fireworks and shoot them into the sky. You’ll be using the PSVR2 Sense Controllers, as opposed to the DualShock 2, and the platform holder’s promising a truly immersive gameplay experience as a result.

In addition to the main puzzle mode, there’ll also be a replay option where you can pause time, add effects, and more. “You can also experience the vibrations of the fireworks through haptic feedback, so you can fully absorb the breath-taking fireworks display,” the platform holder says. There’s no word on a price, and the game’s not currently listed on the PS Store for pre-orders, but we’re assuming this one won’t break the bank. And running in Unreal Engine, we bet it’ll look stunning to boot!