The news that Sony reportedly has some kind of Remote Play-focused handheld in development has us all in something of a tizzy. Obviously, as die-hard PlayStation fans, we all want to see the PS Vita live again, but this 'Q Lite' does not appear to be designed to fill that gap. Regardless, some fans couldn't help but imagine what such a device might look like, which is where this fantastic mock-up from TCMFGames on Twitter comes in:

It has the essentials we would hope to see, like Haptic support and Adaptive Triggers, DualSense-style buttons, and HD visuals. Just throw some Vita branding on that bad boy, maybe include an OLED option, and we’d be good to go. Does it come in black?

Where are you at with the idea of Sony getting back into the handheld game? Is it a dream come true or a real monkey-paw curse situation? Let us know in the comments section below.