It’s important to get your eight hours of beauty sleep every night, so maybe skip Afterlife VR if you’re susceptible to night terrors. Officially scheduled to release on 19th April – following a PC-based launch last year – the survival horror will be haunting PSVR2 headsets all around the world. Judging by the trailer, this won’t be for the faint of heart.

“What is really lurking behind the door of a well-known mental facility, where protagonist Adam’s younger sister, Allison, was recently sent?” the press release ponders. “Is there any connection between missing patients and hospital workers and the ground-breaking study about the Indigo Children phenomena?”

To be fair, the trailer looks fairly boilerplate, but as PSVR2 owners will no doubt appreciate, traditional experiences are transformed by the inherent interactivity of virtual reality games. Reviews of the PC release have been largely positive, and considering The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR was such a damp squib, we’re somewhat hopeful this can pick up some of the slack.