No Man's Sky only had the Fractal update a few weeks ago, coinciding with the launch of PSVR2, but Hello Games is already back with another massive update. Named Interceptor, this latest free expansion is now available for all versions of the game, and it introduces yet more improvements and new features.

The update is named after a new class of ship, the varied Interceptor. Powered by Sentinel technology, these ships have a distinct look and require new resources and tech to power their unique abilities. Additionally, this update adds Sentinel jetpacks and Sentinel multi-tools to kit yourself out with.

Another major addition is corrupt worlds. Some planets will have a purple haze around them — these have been corrupted, sprouting mysterious crystals and guarded by bizarre-looking new forms of Sentinels. These planets also host new buildings to explore, resources to find, and crashed Interceptors to salvage.

The game now also contains new enemy types, like giant spider-like beasts and their minions, and deadly corrupted drones with souped-up weaponry. If you've been playing the PSVR2 version, this update makes some enhancements, such as improving the graphics and new wrist interface controls.

The Wonders feature, added in the Fractal update, is now customisable, letting you make your own Wonder catalogues featuring all your favourite discoveries. Finally, Sentinel capital ships have been introduced, with which you can engage in battle. If you're skilled enough, you can take these huge spacecrafts down, clearing your Wanted status and nabbing some valuable rewards.

The full patch notes are available through here if you want to know more. Will you be checking out No Man's Sky's Interceptor update? Launch into the comments section below.