With Horizon Forbidden West DLC Burning Shores less than a week out from its PS5 release, Sony has dropped a big launch trailer that provides far and away our best look at the expansion yet. Featuring new characters, cutscenes, and what look like important moments, it may be considered too spoiler heavy for some considering it's now five days out.

Nevertheless, you can catch a glimpse of Aloy's next adventure in the trailer above. It appears Aloy will wield a Zenith weapon at some point in the DLC, and flight aboard a Sunwing looks to be a major component. One scene even shows Aloy diving into the ocean whilst riding the mount. We are also introduced to a new character who looks to accompany the protagonist on her travels as well as the return of Alva.

This meaty expansion launches for PS5 β€” and PS5 alone β€” next week on 19th April 2023. It's still available for pre-order on the PS Store for Β£15.99/$19.99. Are you ready to visit the Burning Shores? Complete the game first, then get excited in the comments below.

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