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Horizon Forbidden West's upcoming expansion, Burning Shores (launching 19th April), requires players to beat the base game to access it. So it seems wayward players (perhaps distracted by Elden Ring's untimely launch) are returning in droves to take care of unfinished business.

In the process, some are encountering a rare attack, specifically at the hands of Leaplashers. The kangaroo-like Transport class machine can be surprisingly intimidating (much like their real-world inspiration) and, in certain circumstances, can temporarily immobilise Aloy using an energy lasso.

We think the lasso comes out of the Leaplasher's tail, but it's hard to be sure, what with the tail then being used to support the mechanical beasties' weight. Have you fallen victim to this rare attack or seen it in use before? Get to the bottom of things in the comments section below.

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