Developers from Guerrilla Games, including studio head Jan-Bart Van Beek, have taken centre stage to discuss some of the design and tech that made Horizon Call of the Mountain possible (which it co-developed in partnership with Firesprite).

Van Beek describes a persistent issue that all VR developers face, the ever-present need to give the player something to do with their hands, stating: "The moment that you give the player hands, they have certain expectations, they want to touch everything, they want to interact with everything. It's a huge design challenge, making so much of the world not just interactable but playable, as well."

Horizon Call of the Mountain just got a huge patch, and its clear the studio is committed to making the experience the most immersive it can possibly be. We enjoyed it, and for our full thoughts on the matter, be sure to check out our in-depth review.

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