Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Trophies Boosts
Image: Push Square

Now that we've actually played the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters for ourselves, we can confirm that the all-new 'Boosts' do not disable Trophies. We always expected this would be the case, but we just wanted to make it clear in case any Push Square readers were wondering.

For additional context, 'Boosts' are found in the options menu of each Pixel Remaster. They're essentially modifiers that can be tweaked at any time, and are pretty much designed to eliminate the need to grind in these old school RPGs. You can increase the amount of experience points that you gain from battle, and it's the same deal with money. The maximum is a 4x multiplier, which will see your party level up very, very quickly.

We think these Boosts are great to have around. Although older Final Fantasy titles are relatively short, not everyone has the time or patience to grind levels these days. And if you've already played the games before, you can just use the modifiers to blast through your favourites for that powerful hit of nostalgia.

With each Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster boasting its own Platinum, this is probably good news for Trophy hunters. Will you be hunting down some digital trinkets in these retro RPGs? Talk about quality of life in the comments section below.