Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster PS4

Trophies for the eagerly anticipated Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters have begun to pop up on dedicated sites like Exophase. Each of the six lovingly remastered entries in the series will be bestowed with its own Platinum Trophy, avoiding any annoying cross-game unlock shenanigans (we are looking directly at you, Mass Effect Legendary Edition).

The complete list for all six would look ludicrous here, so instead, follow the relevant link below (go on, start with VI, you know you want to):

All six Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters launch tomorrow, 19th April, on PS4 and come with all kinds of modern bells and whistles to make these venerable games more palatable for a modern audience. Are you chasing one Platty in particular or going for the full set? Form a game plan in the comments section below.