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Final Fantasy VII Remake famously swapped out the original's turn-based combat system for a more modern action-based hybrid (with some characters' combat styles being more difficult to adapt than others). With the next instalment, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, lead battle programmer Satoru Koyama is shooting for the stars.

Shinra Archaeology Department is a Twitter account (and a fantastic follow) that translates Japanese Final Fantasy tidbits like the one below, which purportedly comes from the Remake Ultimania strategy guide.

When asked what challenges Koyama would like to tackle in his next work (Rebirth), he said: "I’d like to create an AI that can juggle a variety of techniques and magic. My goal is to surpass Final Fantasy XII’s Gambit system. I’d also like to focus more energy into aspects that support player control, such as Classic Mode, where characters fight automatically. I think it’s a shame when people can’t play a game they’re interested in just because they aren’t skilled with action-oriented mechanics."

Final Fantasy XII's Gambit system allowed players to set parameters for their characters to perform in battle automatically, like healing allies at a certain health threshold or targeting a specific elemental weakness with the appropriate magical attack. It was a wonderfully deep system, allowing for precise control, although not exactly welcoming to more casual players.

Considering teammates needing babysitting was one of our biggest personal bugbears with Final Fantasy VII's reimagined combat system, this is welcome news, indeed. Do you hope Koyama succeeded in his ambition? We won't have too much longer to wait, as Rebirth is still slated for a Winter 2023 launch. Sound off in the comments section below.

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