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The Square Enix blog is currently running a retrospective on Final Fantasy 7 Remake in which, chapter-by-chapter, the developers are asked about their memories, thoughts and feelings concerning the game's development.

In the latest post, which focuses on Chapter 5: Dogged Pursuit, battle director Teruki Endo revealed that everyone's favourite martial artist, Tifa Lockheart, was the hardest character to design in terms of combat:

"We wanted to create a fun battle system where the player would get enjoyment in lots of different ways from changing between characters as they fought, so we were very particular about differentiating the situations when each character would come into their own."

"It was comparatively easy to differentiate Cloud, Barret, and Aerith, but we had to think extremely hard about what defining characteristics we should give Tifa. I think that we managed to add depth to Tifa's mechanics by tying her abilities to the burst system that is one of the core pillars of FF7R's battles."

Tifa's style of hand-to-hand melee combat is incredibly fast and fluid and offers exceptionally high damage potential for players skilled at taking advantage of the burst system.

Endo and the rest of the team succeeded in differentiating Tifa from the rest of the group, as her particular combat style remains a standout in a game full of fantastic combat systems.

The entire retrospective series is well worth a read if you were a fan of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and remains ongoing.

What did you think of the way Tifa played in Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Who was your favourite character to play? Duke it out in the comments section below.

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