Diablo 4 Max Level

Trying to determine the length of a game like Diablo 4 seems like a pretty pointless endeavour, since players can technically grind for all eternity. But if you're desperate for a number, then associate game director Joseph Piepiora has your back.

When asked about how long it'll take to reach the game's level cap of 100, Piepiora says you're looking at "150+ hours for the average player experience". That's one hell of a run!

To be clear, this isn't 150 hours to complete the campaign. Blizzard has previously gone on record stating that the main story will take most players around 35 hours to finish. But if you want to keep on grinding and advance through Diablo 4's post-campaign activities — and actually hit level 100 — then it's far to say the action RPG will keep you busy.

It's also worth noting that hitting the level cap isn't the end of your character's progression. Along with farming endgame objectives for the sake of legendary loot, you'll be advancing across the Paragon board, which lets you further customise your hero's attributes and nail down your own style of play.

Blizzard clearly thinks that Diablo 4's going to keep players engaged, then, but does the thought of spending over 150 hours levelling up put you off playing? Try not to level cap yourself in the comments section below.

[source twitter.com, via gamesradar.com]