Blizzard has spilled the beans on how Diablo 4 will (hopefully) keep you playing well beyond the end of the main campaign. And to be honest, it all sounds very promising. Once you've slaughtered your way through the game's story, a bunch of activities are unlocked so that you can continue to develop your character(s).

Here's a quick overview based on the official press release:

  • You can increase the game's overall difficulty level by completing 'Capstone Dungeons'
  • A robust Paragon system lets you bolster your character's abilities in loads of different ways once you're max level
  • Endgame equipment 'Aspects' (basically perks) can be used to further enhance your weapons and armour
  • Any of the game's 120+ dungeons can become 'Nightmare Dungeons', featuring more dangerous objectives and enemies, as well as endgame rewards
  • The game's open world also becomes more dangerous, with 'Helltide' areas offering powerful foes and hordes of monsters. You get shards for defeating them, which can be traded for rewards
  • The 'Tree of Whispers' offers up endgame bounties, which grant reward caches upon completion
  • The game's dedicated PvP area, the Fields of Hatred, gives you additional incentives to develop your character

Blizzard is also keen to remind everyone that Diablo 4 is a live service title, and so players can probably expect more endgame stuff to be added in time.

It all sounds great for those who want to really get stuck in, but as always, we'll have to wait and see how it comes together. Can you see yourself playing Diablo 4 all the way through to the endgame and beyond? Create some completely broken builds in the comments section below.

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