Ys X

Developer Falcom has released a new batch of gameplay screenshots from upcoming action RPG Ys X: Nordics. This is our best look yet at the next adventure of Adol Christin, and everything looks as slick as you'd expect. While the graphics themselves are a bit rough by today's standards (what's new for Falcom?) we can already picture this being a fast and fluid combat system.

Speaking of which, the studio has also published some details on how battles actually work (as translated by Gematsu). As previously confirmed, Ys X features two playable characters in a 17-year-old Adol and newcomer Carja. Adol is still swinging a sword, while Carja makes do with an axe and shield.

Combat is built around swapping between the two characters to extend combos and deal extra damage. Meanwhile, well-timed dodges — a Ys staple — can lead to powerful counterattacks. There's also a 'combination mode' in which you control both Adol and Carja at the same time. Your typically quick movement speed is reduced, but you can unleash stronger techniques, and you can even block incoming hits before striking back with a crushing blow.

As of right now, Ys X is targeting a 2023 launch in Japan — but it's yet to be confirmed for a Western release. We imagine that'll happen down the line, once the game's available in Japan. We're probably looking at a 2024 launch here in the West.

How do you think Ys X looks? Bring a sword and an axe to the comments section below.

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