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LEGO 2K Drive looks like a breath of fresh air, especially on PS5 and PS4 where arcade racers are in seriously short supply. We already know that publisher 2K Sports is taking a long-term view to the title, as despite it retailing at full-price, there’ll be post-release content in the form of various Battle Passes and DLC. And it looks like you should expect some pretty high-profile collaborations, given the LEGO association.

“[LEGO 2K Drive] is truly a AAA effort and we’re at the pinnacle of all of these different brands and everything, and the commitment from these large companies is very high,” executive producer Mark Pierce told VGC in an interview. “We have a lot of stuff I can’t really talk about now, but there are collaborations that are coming down the line, as we get to post-launch, that are very impressive. I think LEGO fans are gonna love them.”

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There’s obviously so much potential here, given LEGO’s long-running relationship with real-world car manufacturers, multimedia properties, and much more. Are there any particular cars or vehicles you’d like to see given a LEGO makeover and incorporated into this game? Steer your thoughts into the comments section below.