The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR PSVR2 PlayStation VR Trophies

The Trophy list is out for rails shooter Until Dawn: Rush of Blood’s spiritual successor, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR. Just browsing the trinkets, it looks like you’ll be well on your way to the Platinum purely by beating the campaign. There are then collectibles in the form of “marked gargoyles”, which you’ll need to destroy all.

Potentially the most difficult gong of all pertains to ‘God Mode’, which requires you to beat the game without dying once. We’re not sure whether there’ll be difficulty options to ease the pain of this one, but all will be revealed when the title releases later this week. Either way, it seems multiple playthroughs will be required to some extent: you’ll need to save, kill, and abandon all passengers.

There are also some Trophies pertaining to post credits scenes and secret messages. Other than that, though, your biggest hurdle here may be overcoming the jump scares with PSVR2; developer Supermassive Games is famous for its shock tactics, and we expect those to be taken to another level with Sony’s next-gen headset.