Tchia PS5 PS4

Tchia developer Awaceb has today pushed a new update for the PS5 version of the chill, island explorer that adds 60fps support. It's available to download now and clocks in at 225MB, which brings the game up to version number 1.008. You can also look forward to further polishing and bug fixes, as well as fixes for crashes that happened in some cutscenes.

The only downside to the 60fps mode is you'll have to lower the resolution to 1080p. You can choose between a fidelity mode and a performance mode now, though, so select whichever suits you best.

During our time with the game before launch — as highlighted in the Tchia PS5 review — we encountered quite a lot of frustrating bugs. With this new patch now in place, it'll surely be a better experience for all PS5, PS4 players. Will you switch to 60fps now? Let us know in the comments below.