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A new report has emerged online, shining the spotlight on the UK's entertainment markets in 2022. If you're at all interested in entertainment media and how it all hangs together, it's worth a read. Of course, it's stuffed with facts and figures about last year's video games and hardware, including some info on Sony's first-party software.

The UK's best-selling Sony game of 2022 was, fairly predictably, God of War Ragnarok, with physical and digital sales combining for a grand total of 670,617 copies. That puts the game at number six overall. Somewhat surprisingly, approximately a third of those copies were from the PS Store; software sales overwhelmingly trend towards digital, but in this case it's the reverse.

It's a similar story for Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7. The former sold 530,454 copies, putting it at number eight overall, with 22.8 per cent of those being digital sales. Meanwhile, the latter, in 12th position, sold 42.2 per cent of its 356,630 copies digitally. Among the top 20 top sellers from last year, these are the only three games with the majority of sales being from physical copies. We imagine this will be at least in part due to console bundles.

In case you're wondering, the top three best-selling games of 2022 in the UK were FIFA 23, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Elden Ring in that order.

Some other interesting statistics:

  • The average cost of a boxed game in 2022 was £36.47. The average cost of a digital game in 2022 was £15.19
  • 37.9 per cent of all digital sales in the UK last year were made via PS Store. It's second only to Steam, which commands 50.5 per cent of the UK's digital software market
  • The PS5 sold 780,000 units last year in the UK which, despite selling fewer units than Nintendo's Switch, is enough to see it lead the hardware market in terms of value, with 43 per cent

If you're interested, check out the full report here.

[source eraltd.org, via resetera.com]