Kayak VR PSVR2 PlayStation 5 PS5

Appropriately named Dutch developer Better Than Life’s beautiful watersports sim Kayak VR: Mirage was the best-selling PSVR2 launch title, according to data published by the PS Blog. The stunning release topped the charts in both North America and Europe, although the data does exclude titles eligible for free upgrades.

Tastes were pretty similar across both sides of the Atlantic, with tactical shooter Pavlov VR finishing in second, and the bundled Horizon Call of the Mountain coming third. Other games off to a strong start included Moss: Book II, Pistol Whip, and Drums Rock. It’ll be interesting to see how these charts change over the coming months, with PSVR2’s release schedule looking stacked.

[source blog.playstation.com, via News: PS Store Sales Charts: Hogwarts Legacy Apparates to Number One on PS5]