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A new PlayStation patent – filed a few years ago but published this week – hopes to fix your posture while you’re playing, so no more slouching or slumping while you grind out your Fortnite quests! The document’s abstract, as spotted by OpAttack, explains: “A game intervention server may evaluate, based on learning models, posture, and physical motions for players for repetitive, unbalanced, or excessive motions, as well as gameplay quality patterns, and compare to thresholds for identifying unhealthy conditions.”

Obviously, unless you’re playing something like Pistol Whip with PSVR2, you’re probably playing your games sitting down. And you should probably know by now that extended periods in the same position aren’t exactly good for you. Sony’s patent proposes reminders to sit up straight, and even hypothesises systems that could potentially detect repetitive strain, based on the buttons you’re pressing and the way you’re using the analogue sticks.

It’s worth remembering that patents like this rarely get developed into full, finished products – although we suppose it’s important for a company like PlayStation to be looking out for the health of its players. We imagine if any of this technology ever got added to the PS5 or PS4 it’d remain optional, like those apps on sports watches that remind you to move after you’ve been stationary for a specific period of time.

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