Sonic Origins Plus PS5 PS4

SEGA is making some big changes to Sonic Origins with the expanded re-release, Sonic Origins Plus. Comprising a new playable character in Amy, Knuckles playable in Sonic CD, and a dozen newly added Game Gear games, it's a clear effort from the publisher to turn the retro collection's fortunes around. While it's catching a bit of flack for excluding the Master System versions, fans are largely quite excited for the changes.

However, Sonic Team hasn't been dealing with this on its own. Indie developer Headcannon — known for leading development on the acclaimed Sonic Mania — has confirmed its involvement in this new package, detailing its contributions on Twitter:

The short thread states the studio helped design Amy as a playable character across the main four games, as well as make "a few additional updates and enhancements" to improve the collection overall. Presumably this means ironing out some bugs and other issues.

So, it seems like Sonic Origins Plus is in pretty safe hands. Will you be checking this revamped retro collection out? Spin dash into the comments section below.