Sonic Frontiers PS5 PS4 Trophy Elder Koco 1
Image: Push Square

Have you got the Platinum Trophy in Sonic Frontiers? You know exactly what we’re talking about, then! While debate rages about whether this release is actually good or not – we enjoyed it – there’s no question that upgrading Speed and Ring statistics with the Elder Koco proved a nightmare. This is because, in order to unlock both Trophies, you had to trigger all 99 levels one-by-one – an unbelievably tedious process of talking to the same character almost 200 times!

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But, SEGA has been listening to your pleas for help! As part of the new Sights, Sounds, and Speed update – available now – you can now bulk upgrade your statistics, meaning you can get this Trophy done in a pinch. The upgrade obviously adds more meaningful features – like a photo mode and jukebox – but it’s this single, small adjustment that will save the souls of Trophy hunters yet to 100 per cent the release.