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Update: SEGA has released more information about this Sonic Frontiers DLC pack.

The Jukebox feature allows you to play various Sonic music from across the series while you're exploring the islands. There are 53 songs in total, with 13 being unlocked immediately. To get the rest, you'll need to collect Sound Memories, which are orange musical notes scattered across the game.

Photo Mode is what you'd expect — accessed from the pause menu, this freezes the game and gives you control of the camera. You can also choose from several filters to adjust the mood of your snapshots.

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The new challenges are the biggest addition. Accessible from the main menu after beating the game, you can play two new modes. Cyber Space Challenge sees you running through seven Cyber Space levels in a row against the clock, the aim being to beat all of them as fast as possible. The other new mode is Battle Rush, in which you must defeat rounds of enemies (including the big ones) as fast as you can.

For more info, check out this post on the PS Blog.

Original Story: Sonic fans are in luck this week, as the first DLC is coming to the hedgehog's latest game, Sonic Frontiers, in just a few days.

Towards the end of last year, SEGA announced a whole range of extra bits and pieces that will be coming to the open zone platformer in 2023. The best bit is that it's all free of charge, so owners can just look forward to the game gradually gaining more stuff.

The first of these is the Sights, Sounds, and Speed update. In an email to owners of the game, SEGA reveals the content update will be coming to the game on 22nd March, just a few days from now. The email doesn't go into any other details, but looking at the content roadmap, it seems it'll include a jukebox, photo mode, and new challenges to complete.

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