Stunning cel-shaded farming sim Across the Valley will take root on PSVR2 from 6th April, and here’s a first trailer to give you an indication of what to expect. The title will see you planting crops, raising animals, and even shovelling sh*t – all with the aim of raising money to expand your agricultural exploits.

“Our devoted team is proud to bring a fan favourite genre to the most powerful virtual reality hardware,” developer FusionPlay’s Konrad Kuntze beamed. “The soil is a canvas and the farmers are the artists! Using their hands, they will raise adorable animals, nurture copious crops, and manage the farm of their dreams.”

We’re really enjoying some of the gameplay mechanics on display here: you need to shear your sheep, milk your cows, and physically basket your spoils. We’re expecting a laidback experience, set in a serene, vibrantly coloured setting. Obviously titles like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon are huge, so this should prove a welcome addition to PSVR2’s lineup.