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Demon Slayer’s arena battler adaptation has topped three million units sold worldwide, which is a pretty big result for the manga-cum-anime sensation. The release had cut through one million sales by late 2021, so it’s tripled that number in the months since. In our review of the game, we described it as “barebones but beautiful” – although quite a lot of DLC has released since to pad out the package.

“Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles is carried by its fantastic presentation, which expertly captures the look and feel of the anime,” we wrote. “Bombastic boss fights and some stunning cutscenes are enough to sell the otherwise short-lived story mode, but outside of that, this is a rather barebones package. Battles can be flashy and fun, but the combat system doesn't have the necessary depth to hook anyone who isn't a Demon Slayer super fan.”

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If you’re yet to try out the title, SEGA’s eager for you to know that it’s on sale on the PS Store right now. The game’s core release will cost you $29.99/£24.99, while its Digital Deluxe upgrade is available for $34.99/£27.49. A lot of the DLC is also on sale, although you’ll need to purchase each piece individually, as there’s currently no sale on the Character Pass.