PS5 Japan Sales
Image: Push Square

A headline that seems to have been overlooked earlier in the week, the PS5 has actually just surpassed the 3 million sales mark in Japan. That's a promising milestone for a console that appeared to be struggling right out of the gate — but as has been the case worldwide, PS5 sales have been skyrocketing thanks to Sony's stock issues largely being sorted.

Very recently, it was revealed that PS5 sales were up a staggering 427 per cent year-over-year in Japan, which gives you some idea of how improved the situation really is. The current-gen console managed to shift over 360,000 units in February alone, and that momentum has been carried through into March so far.

Up until now, the PS5 has (somewhat predictably) been tracking behind the PS4 — a system that always struggled to find a proper foothold in Japan. But this current trajectory suggests that the future could be fairly bright for Sony's latest system, especially if it can keep delivering these kinds of figures for an extended period of time.

We mentioned this in our previous Japanese charts article, but it's worth repeating: the PS5 release schedule is looking stacked in the relatively near future. Resident Evil 4 is just around the corner, and you've got to assume that Final Fantasy XVI is going to be pushed hard in Japan. All eyes will be on the PS5's numbers once these juggernauts land.

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[source News: PS5 Sales Just Aren't Stopping in Japan as Sony's Console Is Still King]