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PS5 sales increased by an eye-opening 457 per cent year-over-year in Japan last month, as Sony finally managed to get the system’s stock situation under control. The new-gen console sold an incredible 366,982 units in February 2023, more than the first four months of 2022 combined. That’s despite an increase in price, too!

It means that, for the first time since February 2018, the best-selling console in Japan was not the Nintendo Switch. In fact, now entering its twilight years, the hybrid hardware actually declined 41 per cent year-over-year – although it still continues to move an impressive amount of software. Obviously, this kind of trend is expected so late in the lifecycle of the device.

After a shaky start, worsened by stock limitations, PS5 is now actually trending ahead of PS4 and PS3 life-to-date in Japan, so it’s doing pretty well for itself. Similar trends are being observed right around the world, with European territories enjoying triple-figure increases year-over-year compared to February 2022. While the numbers are impressive, it does underline just how supply constrained the console has been.

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