Tchia PS5 PS4 PlayStation Trophies 1
Image: Push Square

We’ve already pretty well established that Tchia looks genuinely incredible, and it’ll be available to download at no extra cost for PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium subscribers starting next week. You may be wondering how difficult the Platinum Trophy will prove to unlock, then – and it’s probably going to take you some time, looking at the list of pots.

While many of the trinkets look fairly straightforward – win something with the claw machine; shoot down a pigeon with the slingshot – the emphasis is on getting 100 per cent. For example, you’ll need to find all the campfires, open all the treasure chests, unlock all the cosmetics – and yeah, just straight-up get 100 per cent.

Now obviously the difficulty here will depend on just how big the title turns out to be. If it’s like Hogwarts Legacy, with its 600 or so collectibles, then you can probably expect to be spending quite some time in New Caledonia. If, however, the game is a little smaller in scope than it sounds, then it should be manageable – assuming, of course, the game is good!