New month, new PS Plus games. As March, er, marches on, PS Plus Essential's selection of monthly games has been refreshed, giving members a new trio of titles to enjoy. They're available to download right now on PS Store.

As a reminder, this month you're getting multiplayer shooter Battlefield 2042 (PS5/PS4), blocky dungeon crawler Minecraft Dungeons (PS4), and Japanese action game Code Vein (PS4). In our recent poll, the majority of you lot declared the lineup as simply "okay". When asked which of the three you're most looking forward to playing, nearly half of all the voters picked "None of them, to be honest". Hardly a glowing endorsement for March's selection.

Still, even if it's not a bumper month, we've no doubt there's fun to be had here. Will you be firing up any of these games on PS Plus Essential? Tell us in the comments section below.