PS Plus March 2023 Poll

Going by the results of our previous polls, it's been a good start to the year for PS Plus — but will that winning streak continue this month? March 2023's PS Plus Essential games have been officially announced, with inconsistent FPS Battlefield 2042 leading the charge.

EA's multiplayer shooter is flanked by Minecraft: Dungeons and Code Vein, which makes for a rather varied trio of titles. The former could be a fun time for a more casual session, while the latter is a much more demanding action RPG. Something for everyone?

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But don't let us sway your opinion. As always, vote in our poll, and then tell us all about your PS Plus plans in the comments section below.

Are you happy with your PS Plus Essential games for March 2023? (3,659 votes)

  1. Yes, very happy10%
  2. Yeah, mostly happy18%
  3. Meh, they're okay27%
  4. Nah, not very happy18%
  5. No, it's a crap selection26%
  6. I don't actually have PS Plus1%

Which March 2023 PS Plus Essential game are you most looking forward to? (3,192 votes)

  1. Battlefield 204218%
  2. Code Vein21%
  3. Minecraft: Dungeons12%
  4. None of them, to be honest47%
  5. I don't have PS Plus1%