If you've played Curse of the Dead Gods, you'll know developer Passtech Games has a firm grasp on roguelike dungeon crawling. Its next game, Ravenswatch, was announced last summer, putting a dark twist on many famous fairytale faces, and it's looking pretty strong already.

A new gameplay overview trailer has been unveiled, giving us a glimpse at the isometric action. You can choose from six playable characters — Scarlet (Red Riding Hood), The Pied Piper, The Snow Queen, Aladdin, Melusine, and Beowulf. As you might guess, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses as well as unique abilities.

Beyond that, it looks like your usual roguelike fare, only with optional, four-player co-op. Beat up various enemies, take on small quests, gradually build up your character, and, if you die, do it all again. Upon death, you'll be able to unlock better equipment and items for use in subsequent runs, slowly empowering you to conquer the game.

Ravenswatch looks to be pretty polished already, but the game is entering an early access phase on PC starting 6th April. While this will most likely lead to a better experience overall, it does mean that the final game won't see the light of day for a while; the full launch on PS5 and PS4 won't be until sometime in 2024.

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