Newly announced for PS5, Ravenswatch is a roguelike action game that takes a grimdark approach to classic fairy tale characters, which admittedly isn't anything new. But cursed virtuoso, The Pied Piper, dancing as he leads swarms of rats into battle? That's a pretty novel concept.

Ravenswatch is being developed by Passtech, the studio behind Curse of the Dead Gods, so we know they have the chops for a solid combat system.

It features characters like the aforementioned Piper, a monstrous Little Red Riding Hood, a traumatised take on Beowulf, and a chilling sorceress in the form of The Ice Queen, each with their own skills and playstyles, playable alone or with up to four players co-op.

We don't get to see a whole of gameplay, and we don't have a release window outside of simply 2023, but consider our interest piqued.

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