Ps5 Slim PlayStation 5 Sony Rumour 1
Image: Push Square

You’re familiar with the video game news cycle now: retailers erroneously upload information and the Internet implodes. In the latest example of professional websites not doing their research, a listing from Australian retailer The Good Guys appeared to confirm the existence of a PS5 Slim earlier today. Except, unsurprisingly, it didn’t!

The website claimed that a “new look, slimmer PS5” was available to purchase, and social media collectively lost its mind. But on further inspection, it turns out the description had been in place for several years, and previously referred to the PS4 Slim. In other words, It’s F*cking Nothing.gif and social media should be ashamed of its words and deeds.

Of course, in all likelihood, a redesigned PS5 is en route. Strong speculation suggests Sony is preparing a new model of its new-gen system with a detachable disc, which is said to be lining up a September release. There’s also ongoing chatter about a PS5 Pro, but that’s likely a lot further away – if, indeed, it even exists at all.