Need for Speed Unbound is a highly entertaining arcade racer, but let's be honest, the online multiplayer and post-game experience isn't particularly interesting. That looks set to change pretty soon, though, as developer Criterion has just announced the first post-launch update, called Volume 2.

This free game update is a pretty big one, adding new events, rewards, and ways to interact. The online play will see some major changes, the most pertinent being the addition of the police. You can currently get away with murder while playing online, but with this update, the police will react to your actions and will give chase, as they do offline. The addition of night should help to liven things up a bit, too.

Elsewhere, there are lots of new challenges and events to play online. This includes 40 new daily challenges, 30 Hot Lap activities, and several new events across Endurance, Rumble, and Race types. The update will also bring new cosmetic rewards for you to earn, like new driving effects, clothes, and character poses.

On top of all that, alongside this update, a Keys to the Map DLC will be made available. For $5, it will pinpoint the locations of all the collectibles, including bears, street art, and billboards.

Volume 2 will be going live, as a free update, on 21st March. Will you be hopping back into NFS Unbound to try this fresh update? Spin your wheels in the comments section below.

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