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The appetite for updates on Insomniac’s upcoming duo of superhero spin-offs, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine, is so intense that we end up with stories like this. But, as with everyone else, we’re clinging to every shred of public information, and so we guess this is worth sharing – well, just about.

So, during a recent Twitch stream, as spotted by Twisted Voxel, lead engine programmer Elan Ruskin revealed: “There's some very cool dialogue technology coming out in the next game.” Presumably, this is referring to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and/or Marvel’s Wolverine, unless the Burbank developer has more projects in the pipeline we don’t already know about.

Exactly what the so-called dialogue tech will enable is unclear, but some are hypothesising the possibility of dialogue trees. To be fair, it could also relate to some under-the-hood stuff: Ruskin is, after all, an engine programmer – and the developer may have just built some new tools that makes integrating conversations easier on the development side.

Realistically, we’re unlikely to get any kind of concrete answer until Sony decides to show the games, which should be imminently in the case of its web-slinging sequel – assuming it’s still on schedule to release later this year.

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