The Last of Us: Part I is available now on PC, and one cool element exclusive to the version uploaded to Steam is a few new t-shirts for Ellie to wear in-game. After rolling credits, you can head to the extras menu and unlock threads based on Valve games Left 4 Dead and Portal. You can view them both below.

These come in addition to the base game available digitally as well as the Deluxe Edition, which packages in the same bonuses as last year's PS5 version did. According to SteamDB, more than 15,000 users are being tracked as having played The Last of Us: Part I on PC, so this looks to be another successful launch on the personal computer for Sony. It also looks to be compatible with the Steam Deck, which is always a welcome bonus for those who own one.

Are you playing The Last of Us: Part I on PC? We hope to have a PC-centric review in the near future, but until then, share your first impressions in the comments below.