Forspoken PS5

A new game update for PS5 console exclusive Forspoken is now available to download. Taking the RPG to version 1.10, this does more than fix a few bugs — it's a pretty big patch that introduces some much requested improvements and enhanced performance.

Many of the major bullet points are outlined in this blog post, but we'll go through them here too. Firstly, there are a number of new options that should help smooth out the gameplay experience:

  • 'Remember Last-Viewed Menu Section' is an option you can now toggle on or off. When off, the menu will always default to the map instead of taking you back to the section you were last looking at.
  • 'Focus on Target' can also be toggled on or off. When off, pressing R3 while charging an attack will lock onto an enemy, rather than simply flip the camera to just point at an enemy.
  • 'Lock On to Nearby Enemies' is a setting that allows you to keep the lock-on active after defeating an enemy. When on, this option will make it so the lock-on will snap to another enemy when you defeat the current one, rather than simply disengage the lock-on.
  • 'Immunity to Own Magic' is a much-requested feature. When toggled on, Frey will not take damage or be staggered by her own spells.

In addition to these quality-of-life improvements, the patch adds some tweaks to the game's visuals. With the patch installed, you'll be prompted to manually adjust the brightness, contrast, and HDR of your image. Plus, some changes have been made to lighting and ambient occlusion to improve the overall look.

Finally, further optimisation has been implemented, which translates to improved performance. You should notice a smoother frame rate with the new update.

Again, for more info, you can read Square Enix's post here. Are you pleased with this update on Forspoken? Leap into the comments section below.