Forspoken DLC

As promised by Square Enix, Forspoken will be getting post-launch support in the form of an expansion in the relatively near future. Titled 'In Tanta We Trust', this DLC is actually a prequel in terms of story. It's set 25 years before the events of the main game, with protagonist Frey travelling back in time to experience the all-important Purge of the Rheddig — a massive battle that marked the beginning of the fantasy setting's corruption.

It sounds like there'll be a focus on fighting alongside a second hero named Cinta. The expansion's promising new magical abilities, environments, and, of course, story content.

The DLC is set to launch on the 26th May, but if you happened to buy the Digital Deluxe version of Forspoken, you'll get early access to the expansion, starting on the 23rd May.

Will you be returning to Athia for this Forspoken DLC? Unleash your strongest spells in the comments section below.